Get Chapeau 24

Chapeau is free to download, use and share.
Chapeau is distributed as a bootable ISO file that can be used to create a boot disk for your computer, once booted you can use it as a ‘live’ OS or install it onto your system.

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The ISO file can be written to a DVD or USB disk to create a Chapeau live bootable disk or can be used directly in a hypervisor to boot a virtual machine.
Here are some guides on how to create a boot disk on Linux, Mac or Windows.

If you have any questions, problems or you just want to say hello head on over to the Chapeau forums.

Alternatively a large support community for Fedora and derivative distributions can also be found at


MD5 checksum for the Chapeau 24 ISO file is;


Checksums for earlier releases can be found on the Sourceforge releases page.

What are checksums?

A checksum is a string of characters that represents a file’s data and is a way of making sure a file you have is the same as another.
In this case you can compare the ISO file you have downloaded to the one produced by the creator to make sure it has not been tampered with or corrupted during transfer.
You can generate an MD5 checksum on non-Windows systems by opening a terminal and using the md5sum program.

$ md5sum /path/to/Chapeau_24_x86-64.iso
bfba91d1214657609c9b574cd617840c /path/to/Chapeau_24_x86-64.iso

Once you have your checksum then compare it to the one provided by the file creator to ensure they match.

If using Microsoft Windows you need to install a MD5 checksum program such as the graphical freeware program WinMD5 or Microsoft’s command-line ‘Microsoft File Checksum Integrity Identifier‘ program and use accordingly.