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Chapeau is Linux for 64bit media & gaming ready PCs built from Fedora

Ready to do what you do

Chapeau takes the work out of setting up Fedora as a desktop operating system by including software that Fedora can't

Ready for battle

Chapeau includes Valve's Steam client for Linux so you can get your game on with big titles.

Ready for experts

Chapeau includes advanced tools that makes your live DVD or USB disk a portable toolkit for fixing computers

Thousands of packages

Chapeau is built on Fedora so what runs on Fedora runs on Chapeau. Extra software sources are pre-configured to make even more packages available to you.

Rich media support & third-party content

From the first boot, audio & video files, Adobe Flash, DVDs & BluRays just works.

Curated for all users

Third-party repositories, software & tools included without tainting the simplicity of the Gnome desktop.

Gaming ready

After installation, Steam is ready to go. PlayOnLinux can also make it easy to run Windows games & software.

A portable toolkit

System tools are preinstalled and on the live image. Includes gnome-disks, gparted, chntpw, testdisk, powertop, iotop, stress, screen, clamav & more.