Upgrading to Chapeau 23

Right now you are able to upgrade your Chapeau 22 system to the new Chapeau 23!


If you never upgraded to 22:

  • If you are still running Chapeau 21 you will have to first follow the procedure ‘Upgrading to Chapeau 22‘.
  • If you are still running Chapeau 20 see the guides ‘Upgrading to Chapeau 21‘ and ‘Upgrading to Chapeau 22‘.
    Tip: You should be able to use fedup to skip 21 and upgrade to Chapeau 22, just ensure to include all post upgrade tasks detailed in both of the upgrade guides for 20 [link] & 21 [link] after the package upgrade. Then as fedup has been obsoleted past 21 it is recommended to then follow this guide to upgrade Chapeau 22 to Chapeau 23.

Check the known issues:

  • Familiarize yourself with any of the current known issues here and here.

Upgrade How-to

To upgrade your system follow the below guide.

Do ensure you have a system backup available or a disaster plan in case the upgrade fails.
Ensure you have at least 4GB of disk space available to /var before attempting the upgrade

1. Open the Terminal application.

2. Update your system and reboot

sudo dnf -y --refresh update chapeau-repos
sudo dnf update
sudo reboot

Once rebooted login and reopen your terminal.

3. Check dnf-plugin-system-upgrade is installed

Your system should already have the dnf-plugin-system-upgrade package installed, ensure that it is installed with;

sudo dnf install -y dnf-plugin-system-upgrade

4. Begin the upgrade process.

sudo dnf system-upgrade download --releasever=23

Wait for DNF to download the packages to your system.
If you have any issues caused by packages with no updates available, broken dependencies, or they are retired, you can rerun the above command with the –allow-erasing  flag. This will allow DNF to remove packages that may be blocking your system upgrade.

5. Reboot to continue the upgrade.

Once the previous command finishes downloading all of the upgrades, your system will be ready for rebooting into the upgrade process, type the following command in a terminal:

sudo dnf system-upgrade reboot

Your system will restart after this. In past releases, fedup would create a new option on the kernel selection / boot screen. With the new dnf-plugin-system-upgrade package, your system reboots into the current kernel installed for Fedora 22; this is normal. After the kernel selection screen, your system begins the upgrade process.

The upgrade phase can take a long time and can appear at times to not be doing anything, be patient and leave it to complete.
Once the upgrade has finished successfully you should be dropped at your usual login screen.

6. Log in

7. Update your Gnome Extensions

Visit extensions.gnome.org/local in Firefox.
Firefox may prompt you to allow the site to run “Gnome Shell Integration”, select [Allow] > [Allow and remember].


Installed extensions requiring an update are shown with a green icon, click each green icon to update them, once updated switch them on if required.


8. Add new packages that are included in Chapeau 23’s live image (optional)

Open a terminal and install the packages with dnf

sudo dnf install libbluray-java libaacs pavucontrol

9. Remove superceded packages (optional)

Still in the terminal;

sudo dnf remove pharlap lens

10. Post-upgrade clean up

After the upgrade finishes, there are a few final steps you can do to clean up your system after the upgrade. It is worth rebuilding the RPM database to prevent RPMDB checksum errors before doing a distribution sync.

sudo rpm --rebuilddb
sudo dnf distro-sync --setopt=deltarpm=0

The rpmconf tool searches for .rpmnew, .rpmsave and .rpmorig files and asks you what to do with them: either keep the current version, replace with an old version, compare the differences, or merge them.

sudo dnf install rpmconf
sudo rpmconf -a

If you are using google-chrome from the Google repository, you must re-install Chrome due to a packaging bug on the Google side of things.

sudo dnf remove google-chrome-\* && sudo dnf install google-chrome-stable

Your system is now upgraded to Chapeau 23!

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