Upgrading to Chapeau 22

Right now you are able to upgrade your system running Chapeau 21 to the new Chapeau 22!
If you are still running Chapeau 20 it is recommended you first follow the procedure ‘Upgrading to Chapeau 21‘.

To upgrade your system carefully follow the below guide.

Upgrade How-to

Do ensure you have a system backup available or a disaster plan in case the upgrade fails.
Ensure you have at least 4GB of disk spaceĀ available to /var before attempting the upgrade

1. Open the Terminal application.

2. Update your system and reboot

Once rebooted login and reopen your terminal.

3. Ensure fedup is the latest version available

4. Ensure all third-party rpm GPG keys are imported

5. Run fedup to begin upgrading your system from the online repositories.

Wait for fedup to download the required packages.

6. Reboot to continue the upgrade.

When Fedup has successfully completed the system upgrade preparation it will prompt you to reboot your system to begin the upgrade process.
Reboot your system, the upgrade phase can take a long time and can appear at times to not be doing anything, be patient and leave it to complete.
Once the upgrade has finished successfully you should be dropped at your usual login screen.

7. Log in

8. Update your Gnome Extensions

Visit extensions.gnome.org/local in Firefox.
Firefox may prompt you to allow the site to run “Gnome Shell Integration”, select [Allow] > [Allow and remember].


Installed extensions requiring an update are shown with a green icon, click each green icon to update them, once updated switch them on if required.


9. Remove obsolete packages and files

Open a terminal and remove redundant packages with dnf (the new package manager in Chapeau 22)

10. Regenerate Pharlap’s modalias map file.

Open a terminal and execute the following;

11. Add new packages that are included in Chapeau 22’s live image (optional)

Still in your terminal install the packages with dnf

12. Disable the Wayland display manager in GDM (optional)

The Fedora 22 GDM package uses the Wayland display server by default, in Chapeau 22 Wayland is disabled by default to prevent some reported display issues but the upgrade will ahve implemented the Fedora default.
If you find you’re now having some display issues at the login screen, you can disable Walyand by performing the following in a terminal.

13. Choose the new desktop themes (optional)

The default icon and cursor themes in Chapeau 22 have changed and will have been installed during the upgrade, if you like the look of Chapeau 22’s defaults you can change your personal preferences to adopt the new look.
Open Gnome Tweak Tool and in the Appearances section choose Moka as your icon theme and Oxygen_White as your cursor theme.


Gnome Tweak Tool – Appearance

Chapeau 22 desktop with Moka icons

Chapeau 22 desktop with Moka icons


Your system is now upgraded to Chapeau 22!

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