Preparing a Chapeau USB disk on Windows

Capacity requirement

A USB disk capacity of at least 4GB is required to create a Chapeau bootable USB disk.

Making bootable USB media on Windows

The most convenient way to create bootable Chapeau media on a Windows operating system is to write the Chapeau ISO image to a USB storage device. The instructions in this section assumes that you will use NetBSD’s Rawrite32 application.

Note: This procedure overwrites any data stored on the device so ensure you copy off any data on the device that you wish to keep.

  • Download and install the Rawrite32 application for Windows from the project’s download page.
  • Plug in your USB storage device.
  • Run the Rawrite32 application…
  • Select the Open button. In the Open dialogue select to display All Files (*.*), browse to the location where you’ve saved the Chapeau ISO file and select the file.
  • After the image hashes have been calculated ensure that the correct target USB drive is shown in the Target field, if not select the correct device in the drop-down list.
  • Select the Write to disk… button to start creating your bootable disk.