News: Livna issues & repository changes

A couple of software repository related issues have cropped up this week which have been addressed with an update to Chapeau 21’s ‘chapeau-repos’ package, Chapeau 20 is only affected by the Livna issue described below.
So to avoid some yum errors it is recommended to disable the Livna repository and update to the latest version of the ‘chapeau-repos’ package.

The repository has been used by Chapeau for access to the libdvdcss library which brings support for the playback of proprietory DVDs. Last week suddenly lost all repos for Fedora versions above 17 and it has been difficult to trace any explanation or to find out who the correct point of contact is for the repository.
Therefore an update to the chapeau-repos package has disabled the livna repostory by default and a newer version of’s libdvdcss (1.3.99) is now available from Chapeau 21’s ‘chapeau’ repository and will be pulled in with a regular yum update.

On Chapeau 20 & 21 you will have to disable the livna repository by simply running the following in a terminal;

Yum will currently advise you to do this anyway when running a ‘yum update’.

Korora repository

Chapeau has access to Korora’s repository for a specific subset of packages to provide the driver helper tool, Pharlap.
Pharlap has been updated this week and requires some package dependencies on Chapeau 21 that are not matched by the package filter in Chapeau’s korora.repo file. This is fixed in chapeau-repos 21-3 for Chapeau 21.


Happy updating!


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