Chapeau’s new Hardware Helper tool

Today I can announce a new & exclusive tool that will replace Pharlap in the next release of Chapeau.

‘Hardware Helper Tool’ or ‘hht‘ is a fast & simple graphical tool that you can use to inspect your system’s hardware information as well as manage third-party drivers.
As yet the only drivers that can be managed by this tool are Nvidia GPU drivers right now, using HHT you can easily change your system’s Nvidia drivers with just a few mouse clicks.

Nvidia Optimus support!

As far as I know this is the only tool of it’s kind that also supports systems with Nvidia Optimus graphics configurations, making setting up the Bumblebee drivers for Nvidia easier than ever.

If you have a system with Nvidia Optimus graphics running Linux you will likely already know that even once you have setup the Nvidia drivers on your system you have to also explicitly run a program differently if you want to run it using Nvidia hardware, a pain right? Right now if you setup your Nvidia Optimus drivers using HHT, the tool will also automatically fix your PlayOnLinux & Steam icons to run with the appropriate command prefix, including any icons for games installed from the Steam client!

Available now for Chapeau 22

A very early 0.1 release is now available in the Chapeau 22 software repository, so you can check it out right now without having to wait for Chapeau 23.
The hht package can be installed using Yumex or in a terminal by running;

sudo dnf install hht


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