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    Mr Leslie

    Can you include chromium? (For 21 I got mine from yandex The Russian version was in russian, but pointing to an English website provided everything in English.

    When I run dnf it wants to downgrade rpmfusion stuff. Is rpmfusion nonfree available?

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    Mr Leslie


    Have a question for you. Softpedia

    wrote up Chapeau, and one thing I noticed was their logo at the top left corner of the screens.

    I am not sure if that was photo-shopped in, or a new Chapeau facility. What say you?

    Chapeau 22RC is enjoyable. Just what Fedora needed to make Fedora a most useful distribution.

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    Mr Leslie

    Hi Vince,

    You may have misunderstood my message in the previous correspondance.

    What would happen if I installed Chapeau, and then installed (without reformatting) Fedora22 on top of it or vice-versa? Have you ever tried it?

    I am working with a clean Chapeau22.
    Bug 1 your default colour for Chapeau is exactly the same colour as the anaconda “[done]” button on the disk selection spoke. The button is invisible but it is there. If one knows that, then nothing is wrong. Try a slightly different shade of blue.

    Dropbox repro only has two lines in it. I will wipe it as I will do a clean DrBox reinstall.

    At the forum, I left you a message with a sample crontab. Are you somehow able to include it in the ISO?
    Second item. I have an ATI (AMD) driver, so pharlap is of no use to me. I will set it’s enabled=0 parameter to bypass pharlap. My system has an ATI card (older one) and the video/audio works like a charm. Fantastic resolution and well integrated into Linux.

    How I do testing
    a) I prefer a network installation option. That way I can include la langue française as a secondary language. My keyboard is a Canadian French version(layout).
    b) For the software selection spoke, I choose only workstation and zero additional software selections. That way, installation is done in a short time and reliably. We know that if an iso installation fails, its a drag to redo, mainly because of partitioning, and because an anaconda restart only restarts from the beginning.

    I wrote a batch script file that I run after I reboot the new system. That script runs dnf for the groups that I want included in the new system. I used it for Chapeau. If you want a copy, (about 70 lines), I can post it here or on the forum within a message to you.

    I will be installing Mate as the second DE. Nautilus is way to lacking in features to want me to remain with Gnome as the one and only DE.

    I have a tech question that you may be able to help me with, if you can.
    My Linux box is in a common room with other users. For listening to audio I must use the Headphone jack. Last year, with Chapeau/Fedora21/SUSE13 I plugged in the earphone and voila, sound. But in February, there were updates to alsa and pulse-audio

    Now, no headphone sound unless I run “amixer -c0 set Headphone unmute 100$” … My workaround was to create a /bin/ script which has two lines

    sleep 1
    amixer -c0 set Headphone unmute 100% >/dev/null

    and in the user’s .bash_profile, I have added & >/dev/null 2>&1 ##suppress messages

    I discovered that amixer has to run after the .bash_profile is completed (race condition). That is why there is a 1 second sleep shown in the shell script.

    Would you know where I can place a call to (activate amixer on user logon or on system boot)? rc.local used to be the place. Systemd changed that and I am not familiar with systemd. I received a patch from the alsa developer, but the patch did not work either.

    I liked two pictures. Mountain and buildings against the water. The one with the buildings reflected had me looking for waves in the water. One can tell it is mirrored by water by comparing the sky in each half.

    Thanks for Chapeau.

    I will check for messages / yes/no for that script

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    Mr Leslie

    Yes, it is a great distribution. In about a month, we should have another new version, corresponding to Fedora22, Even with a Chapeau 22, I will wait a month before making the big upgrade. I trust Chapeau, but I don’t fully trust brand new Fedora versions.

    Mind you, testing of Fedora22 has not revealed any distribution flaws to me.

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    Mr Leslie

    Hi Vince.
    In response to your suggestion to use the compose key, I did not take that approach for a reason.
    I wished for as few as possible keyboard or mouse clicks. As I do touch typing, with my change I don’t have to lift my hands from the keyboard. Thus my two additions for € and ¥. It took me all of two minutes.

    Some extras stuff.
    The grub.cfg file allows a sub-menu possibility. That feature is used for multiboot to hide submenus. I added a submenu line immediately after the initial menuitem and and terminated after the recovery menu entry. I titled that submenu “Chapeau Extras” Why show me four kernels entries when two display lines is enough.

    I mentioned extensions in the earlier posting “Those are the tweaktool extensions” for the weather app.

    I test with real disks. My system is an older dual core Intel system with 4 disks and one SSD drive. Re disks, I waited for opportunities and when I had occasions (scrap machines that I got from people) or firesales for terrabyte drives, I added a drive, The SSD has Chapeau, and one of the drives the other Chapeau Linux. I do new yum updates on the other, and if I am happy, I do the same to the SSD drive version. At one time I did have problems with a mixture of 686 and x86_64 code and yum, but yumex was the tool I used to help me eliminate to do a 686 cleanup. I hope yumex is there for Chapeau22 when DNF becomes the default.


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    Mr Leslie

    I am not using the Gnome Weather app, but the gnome weather extension by lens. Lens is the better of the two that are listed on the gnome extensions website.

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    Mr Leslie

    You may want to post this to users who need the Euro symbol and the yen symbol.

    As root edit

    cd /usr/share/X11/xkb/symbols.
    For the qwerty keyboards

    at AD03 add the EuroSign to the right of the capital E as
    key <AD03> { [ e, E,EuroSign ] };
    and the yen
    key <AD06> { [ y, Y,yen ] };

    for € and

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