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    Mr Leslie

    F25-20170202 Updated Lives released

    What is required to build a F25 ISO (so I presume).
    The date is 5 Feb 2017

    in reply to: Little Help #4076
    Mr Leslie

    Hola Pedoro

    Welcome. I too am a Chapeau user. I started with Chapeau 22, and have been much impressed. Mr Vince Pooley (Vince), is very supportive. If you have a technical issue, post it here. He will provide an answer or by luck, if one of the users is here, you will get an answer.

    There is a Fedoraforum,org site, where many “Chapeau users” follow the topics of the day. Whatever works for Fedora will work for Chapeau. That is the nature of the Chapeau Remix.

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    Mr Leslie

    Hi Vince,

    Thanks for merging the two for/do loops.

    Bizzare. My own script before pasting did not have the extraneous {

    My xml file on my system that I created was clean.

    My intention with my script was to have


    where the extras are the files I would add to your provided list.

    That was my original intention.

    I’ll try out your mod and provide feedback.


    By the way, (I accept Lesley and Lester too (: as my name. If I was French, Leslie today would be for a woman, as names ending in ie are feminine , and Lesley for a man. I am a grandfather but when I was born, Leslie was a uni-sexual England-English name)

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    Mr Leslie

    Hi Vince
    This is my script to create the xml. It does not appear to want to start.

    Can you find the flaw. I basically copied the one you had in the …/backgrounds/chapeau.

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    Mr Leslie

    Hi Vince,
    I did some studying of this topic. Here is what I did
    I have a folder /usr/share/backgrounds/chapeau
    within chapeau I created extra and copied all the *.jpg and *.png files to it.
    Using that list, I created a new xml file with a list of those files (96) of them.
    I placed that xml file within the chapeau directory. I think it is working fine.
    1) cp *.jpg from all background files to chapeau/extra
    2) ls -1 extra | xml > /tmp/list
    3) create a script file with the contents of /tmp/list
    4) for i in list
    create static entries to a file called /tmp/tmp.xml
    using the f25*.xml as the model

    a sample entry looks like this


    5) embed/replace the details of f25*xml with the contents of /tmp/xml
    6) place the new f25xml within the chapeau directory
    7 Use tweak tool to select the new xml

    I have tar’d all the stuff and can send you the tarfile. Just tell me how to email/or send it.

    By the way, because of using ls, my entries within the xml file are in alphabetical sequence.
    Is there a way to have an xml file that allows a random selection from my 96 items?.

    in reply to: timed background image change #4065
    Mr Leslie

    Hi Vince.
    Thanks for the response about the xml files. With CH24, the background images were switching according to the xml document. I did the system-upgrade and I think this is the problem I encountered. With CH25 The XML file is not being read. Is it possible that between Ch24 and the ch25 upgrade, the expected xml file name has changed, or the program that drives the xml file has stopped working or has changed.

    What about your own copy?

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    Mr Leslie

    With Wayland, the developers are still trying to figure out how to make the .bash_profile active. They claim from a security perspective, it is dangerous. But then there must be a method to allow a common Linux/Unix practice of having a ${HOME}/bin added to the end of the PATH statement.

    I resolved this by adding a bash_profile.env file into the directory

    sudo cp bash_profile.env /usr/share/gdm/env.d/

    This is the copy of the bash_profile

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    Mr Leslie

    Today I ran dnf system-upgrade for Chapeau24. I started it before I went to bed and let it run.

    This is what I did

    I recall, that during system upgrade, there was a request to accept a new certificate. I did not want the upgrade to stop.

    It also seemed to trigger the system-upgrade reboot.

    So far, I have no detected issues. All dnf updates refer to version 25

    in reply to: Target date for Chapeau 25 #4041
    Mr Leslie

    Hi Vince,
    The Wayland release has caused some lack of functionality with Dropbox. To be able to send someone a link, one has to visit the Dropbox website. There were “improvement” changes to Nautilus and those changes mean that Dropbox does not integrate with it.
    Still, Dropbox works as expected for the other facilities.

    in reply to: taskbar please #3942
    Mr Leslie

    I can attest to the taskbar extension mentioned by Vin

    It is fantastic. It makes Gnome 3.22 usable for long periods of time. By that I mean that you will not get tired clicking on the dash (favourites bar), when your favourites bar is (by your choice, the top panel or bottom).

    I use another extension “windows on bottom panel”. Thus, you have two easy ways to switch from one active application to another.

    If interested, I can provide my “taskbar settings”.

    in reply to: New Login Window with analog clock #3941
    Mr Leslie

    The improvement is the getting away from the digital clock on the screen that one pushes out of the way so as to enable a login.

    I just thought that having a time of day analogue clock to the left of a signon area would be quite unique and attractive.

    I think it would be appreciated in the same way we appreciate your collection of background images and the timed auto-switching from one *.png file to another.

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    Mr Leslie
    in reply to: Are you getting ready for Fedora 24? #3765
    Mr Leslie

    Hi Vince.
    I have F24 (Russan Remix) and some others. The F24 Remix or other (with manual add-ons) is not on a par with Chapeau 23.

    On all of them, I experienced the following:
    My UPS is not recognized with F24. My UPS stats are fine with Chapeau/F23
    (There is a confirmed bugzilla report that duplicated my finding).

    With F23, If I added a disk partition, I could just do
    vi /etc/fstab
    and add the UUID= line
    and when I rebooted, linux would create the mount point and my system would boot.

    Not so with F24. I have to add the mount point to the existing system, before rebooting.
    F23 does it right, F24 does it wrong.
    The Russian live CD is in Russian, but I found the click to switch to English. Some software is not available in English, and disappears from view. One or two that are there may make an interesting addition to Chapeau 24.

    Hope to hear from you soon.
    I have an mp4 video that plays just fine with Chapeau. Only sound is available with F24.
    I am also not using or intending to use Wayland until F26, or F30, when it becomes a reliable product.

    Regards from Montreal.

    in reply to: An extra great office product #3725
    Mr Leslie

    Correction to the above, they say over 1.1 billion copies installed.

    in reply to: Updates in Chapeau #2487
    Mr Leslie

    The tool you should have used is dnf

    If you are using Gnome, you may want to use the graphical interface program to perform an update.

    From the command line issue

    su -c dnf -y update

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