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    Clive Kneebone

    Hi Vince, thank you for your interest.

    My screens are a dell with 1366×768 and a Sony Bravia TV that has 1920×1080 res.
    If I set two displays, with each their native resolutions, I am able to drag VLC across and play video in full screen with no problems at all. I would have the dell set as primary showing desktop with icons etc. and it all just works – no prob.

    My issues come when I set the screens to mirror the desktop, sorry if I didn’t make this clear. When I do this, the system defaults to 1024×768. I suspect this is like a lowest common denominator for both and desktops look terrible on both screens. I do wish to use this function a lot of the time where I need the desktop to be echoed on the ‘big screen’.

    It has always been possible ‘out of the box’ with windows with no effort. I have achieved a similar function by running a xrandr file via a desktop icon using some scaling (I suspect windows uses this technique) but it’s a little flakey and there’s noticable unsharpness.

    I guess I’ve been waiting for something to happen with the display manager, but it seems like I tried every DE going with no real change in effect.

    Like linux in every way but this. I shall explore Wayland.


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