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    Mr Leslie

    Hi Vin

    It may be me or there may be an issue following dnf system-update –release=25.

    On my system, the background image (though marked “changes throughout the day”) is not changing.

    Is that code Version 24 specific? Have you hints as to where to look as I did find the xml file that holds the background image selections. What drives the xml file?



    Hi Leslie,

    You will find your backgrounds in the appropriate subdirectory under /usr/share/backgrounds. Background information such as titles, image sizes & ratios, colour effects and animation info are all stored as a schema defined in the album’s XML file which is usually found in the same location as the images.

    The ‘Adwaita Timed’ animated album for example is defined by /usr/share/backgrounds/gnome/adwaita-timed.xml

    Hope that helps,



    Mr Leslie

    Hi Vince.
    Thanks for the response about the xml files. With CH24, the background images were switching according to the xml document. I did the system-upgrade and I think this is the problem I encountered. With CH25 The XML file is not being read. Is it possible that between Ch24 and the ch25 upgrade, the expected xml file name has changed, or the program that drives the xml file has stopped working or has changed.

    What about your own copy?


    Mr Leslie

    Hi Vince,
    I did some studying of this topic. Here is what I did
    I have a folder /usr/share/backgrounds/chapeau
    within chapeau I created extra and copied all the *.jpg and *.png files to it.
    Using that list, I created a new xml file with a list of those files (96) of them.
    I placed that xml file within the chapeau directory. I think it is working fine.
    1) cp *.jpg from all background files to chapeau/extra
    2) ls -1 extra | xml > /tmp/list
    3) create a script file with the contents of /tmp/list
    4) for i in list
    create static entries to a file called /tmp/tmp.xml
    using the f25*.xml as the model

    a sample entry looks like this


    5) embed/replace the details of f25*xml with the contents of /tmp/xml
    6) place the new f25xml within the chapeau directory
    7 Use tweak tool to select the new xml

    I have tar’d all the stuff and can send you the tarfile. Just tell me how to email/or send it.

    By the way, because of using ls, my entries within the xml file are in alphabetical sequence.
    Is there a way to have an xml file that allows a random selection from my 96 items?.



    Yes I was starting to think that this xml might have been one you’d created rather than one from Gnome or Fedora. BTW you don’t have to stick your own ones under chapeau, you can for example create your own subdirectory such as /usr/share/backgrounds/lesley and throw your own stuff in there.

    Anyway the animated wallpaper you created with your xml file, if successful should show in the backgrounds tool as an animated/transitional background signified by a little clock symbol as highlighted in this screenshot…
    … no need to use the tweak tool.

    In your xml snippet you’ve defined a transition duration of 1800 seconds but prior to that, have you defined a start time?
    For example in the adwaita-timed wallpaper touched on in my previous post it precedes the static element with a starttime element. I presume that if you do not define a start time your transitions will never start.



    Mr Leslie

    Hi Vince
    This is my script to create the xml. It does not appear to want to start.

    Can you find the flaw. I basically copied the one you had in the …/backgrounds/chapeau.



    Here you go, main problem was you had a rogue ‘}’ hanging around.


    Mr Leslie

    Hi Vince,

    Thanks for merging the two for/do loops.

    Bizzare. My own script before pasting did not have the extraneous {

    My xml file on my system that I created was clean.

    My intention with my script was to have


    where the extras are the files I would add to your provided list.

    That was my original intention.

    I’ll try out your mod and provide feedback.


    By the way, (I accept Lesley and Lester too (: as my name. If I was French, Leslie today would be for a woman, as names ending in ie are feminine , and Lesley for a man. I am a grandfather but when I was born, Leslie was a uni-sexual England-English name)

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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