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    Mr Leslie

    Hi Vince

    Have you a target date for Chapeau 25?

    Have you or anyone had experience with using the Fedora dnf system-upgrade facility to move Chapeau 24 to version 25?

    Can you just issue Chapeauxx where xx is not 25, so that you can do your update when you feel the next version is ready.

    Regards and season’s greetings.


    Hi Leslie,

    I am hoping to have an ISO release ready by the end of this month. As always all milestones are announced on the blog when available and I can recommend subscribing to the rss feed to keep up to date on announcements.

    Currently you may have noticed that the Chapeau 25 repository has actually been available for 3 weeks and Chapeau system-upgrades work just fine. The upgrade procedure is just the same as the one for upgrading to Chapeau 24, just specify 25 as the value for the releasever option.
    I haven’t published an announcement declaring system-upgrades to 25 “ready” yet because not all the Chapeau packages are yet finished, the important ones are though.

    Currently there’s more issues with redoing the build-kit than anything else as the old ISO build method is now obsolete.



    Mr Leslie

    Hi Vince,
    The Wayland release has caused some lack of functionality with Dropbox. To be able to send someone a link, one has to visit the Dropbox website. There were “improvement” changes to Nautilus and those changes mean that Dropbox does not integrate with it.
    Still, Dropbox works as expected for the other facilities.

    Tonny d’Parres

    Hi Vince
    I am new to Chapeau and I want to express to you that I am delighted with your work …

    I am currently working with version 25 and it is great … However, the question that strikes me is the following: will you continue to provide support and updates to the current version of chapeau?


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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