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    Stuie Bedubie

    Hi folks,
    just wanted to let you know how much I love your distro and kudos for the comprehensive and “fool” proof installer. Ive installed to a dell inspiron 3000 laptop, 12″ touchscreen, celeron N2830. Home upgrade to 8gb ram and 220 gb SSD. This laptop is a cheap windows box and getting a bit rattly but Chapeau gives it a nice new inner sheen.
    The thing is about a month ago I downloaded 3 or 4 live distros to usb, Today was time toi install to ssd, but I had intended to install Antergos Arch, KDE. well I had all sorts of trouble, it wasn’t compiling the packages for install, so I switched to Chapeau, the reason Chappy wasn’t my first choice is I had installed Korora ( fedora) about 2 years ago and wasn’t that impressed.
    BUT your system rocks, its so clean and straightforward and logical. I had no errors or bits missing, everything just works straight out of the box. and the box has absolutely everything you need installed at first install, I added the category tree menu for the “activities” switch menu, and I must say I’m loving this gnome3. when I did add a couple of packages, you just click install and its done in seconds. Amazing, I’m a tech background guy but not a program coder or software type at all, so I keep trying different Linux but if I hit a hitch I have to delete an move on,. One oif my pet hates with debian /Ubuntu types was having to enter my password everytime I clicked on something, 2 seconds after just doing it sitting at my home laptop… infuriating! So Chapeau and Gnome desktop have won me over big time, thankyou guys for being so meticulous about all the details. I will say at present it is set up as dualboot with win10, again was fairly easy to do, I had already made a partition for install so I had to do things manually, but everytime I made an error, it shows me whats wrong and wont proceed until I had everything set correctly. For people like me who get a bit confused trying to change boot records and partition journal files etc, your installer should win NEW Tech Innovation of the Year Award. SO except that the boot screen is pretty scrappy, you could clean that up a little get it a bit tighter, maybe some graphical text boxes, but hey, it works an work well.. I absolutely Highly Recommend any “newbies” hate that word, any technically challenged people that just want to try something different, don’t do Ubuntu with all the letters of the alphabet, or arch an mint an cinnamon buns, Just give Chapeau a try, like me I think you will be pleasantly surprised,



    Welcome, glad you’re enjoying Chapeau Stuie.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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