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    Mr Leslie

    It would be desirable to have a progress bar presented during the Chapeau Linux Remix boot.



    Hi Leslie,

    It’s fairly difficult to get an accurate progress bar for Plymouth working.
    Many progress bars you’ll see are not an actual representation of the boot progress but something that just draws from left to right and looping if the boot process takes too long.
    However! Chapeau’s Plymouth theme does actually include a couple of animation scripts and assets. One animation is a spinner that spins around the Chapeau logo, the other is a “progress bar” sometimes misplaced depending on the screen res.

    I never liked them enough to provide them as separate themes but if you’d like to enable one or both of these animations to see what they’re like you will already have them on your Chapeau installation, have a go at the following;

    Enable spinner & progress bar

    Enable progress bar only

    Revert to no animation

    If you have a hack at the progress bar script feel free to contribute your changes, the Git repository for the plymouth-theme-chapeau package can be found at

    Once again, all the best.


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    Donnie Murdock

    i would like to see this as well

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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