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    Murpholino Peligro

    I was following a tutorial to play on Age of Mythology on a linux box. First step in to open playonlinux…but it won’t open.

    My hht says (I am not sure if this is relevant):
    Nvidia optimus
    GPU1: Intel Corp. Haswell-ULT Integrated Graphics Controller.
    GPU2: GeForce GT 740M
    Installed drivers: i915 + nouveau + nvidia_drm + nvidia
    Driver in use: i915
    OpenGL vendor: NVIDIA Corp.

    Any fix? Someone?
    🙂 Thanks

    Ps Got Chapeau 24 with Linux Kernel 4.8.6 . Almost new installation. Everything is working fine…


    Murpholino Peligro

    to play on a linux box, age of mythology* 😛




    When you say it won’t open, do you mean that PlayOnLinux won’t open from the launcher icon?
    If so what happens when you try to launch it from the terminal, i.e. open Terminal and execute the playonlinux command


    Murpholino Peligro

    bash: playonlinux: no se encontró la orden…
    no command found

    😛 Bleeh…so why do I have the launcher?




    Well the playonlinux executable should be in /usr/bin so you can try to list it in your file manager or with ls. You could also try to execute it with the absolute path e.g.
    $ /usr/bin/playonlinux

    If it’s not there or there’s some other issue with the playonlinux installation then you can try to reinstall it with;
    $ sudo dnf reinstall playonlinux


    Murpholino Peligro

    yeah… I assumed it was installed because I had the icon launcher but it was not… Sorry 😛
    dnf install playonlinux does the trick 😛

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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