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    Steve Welch

    Just adopted Chapeau as my distro. Words can’t aren’t enough to say how impressed I am with this distro!

    As a long-time Windows user I’ve been trying various Linix distros (Mint, Ubuntu, Zorin, Fedora 25) but this is hands down the best distro! Everything works as it should. In so many other distros you had to fix stuff that shouldn’t have needed fixing – like getting HDMI sound out of the HDMI port! Give me a break! To normal people it’s BROKEN if sound and video don’t come out of the port!

    The only thing I had to do with Chapeau to get all my multimedia working was to turn off the firewall so Chrome Videostream and Rygel would work with my Vizio smart TV. FYI, in my experience I think minidlna is a better media server but Rygel is good enough. And yes, I did install Chrome as I prefer the Google ecosystem privacy not withstanding issues.

    Chapeau truly makes the transition from Windows painless and the fact that it uses Fedora makes it much more stable and resistant to breakage than the Ubuntu variants. And it’s fun to use! That’s important Linux guys!

    Just a super job by the devs! Thanks so much!



    Glad you’re enjoying Chapeau Steve.

    All the best!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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