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    Mr Leslie

    Hi Vince.
    I have an idea for a login window that would be pretty to look at

    Consider an analogue clock about 2/3rd the height of a window, and slightly to the left of the vertical centre line. It should show the minutes and hours only. (If you can show the digit for the day of the month too, that would be great).

    To the right of this round clock, would be the list of users who are registered to log into Chapeau Linux,

    I am not a graphic artist, but using the analog clock from KDE along with some cut and paste and some offset shifting of the logon list from the Gnome login screen, would make a great looking introduction page.

    Your boot screen is fine, If the progress bar is difficult to do, consider the rotating circle to indicate Chapeau is alive and well.

    I am taking a sabbatical from (I got suspended for promoting your Remix and Kororas.

    I will try to mockup my logon screen idea to forward it to you.



    Hi Les,

    I don’t think GDM is able to do that and would that really be an improvement on anything? I’m not convinced.



    Mr Leslie

    The improvement is the getting away from the digital clock on the screen that one pushes out of the way so as to enable a login.

    I just thought that having a time of day analogue clock to the left of a signon area would be quite unique and attractive.

    I think it would be appreciated in the same way we appreciate your collection of background images and the timed auto-switching from one *.png file to another.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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