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    Mr Leslie

    I would like to suggest that you illustrate how to use the Chapeau kickstart file to create an iso on your own system.

    There is a benefit to us who already have a Fedora remix (eg. Chapeau) installed.

    Download the ks file and use the kickstart software from the Fedora repository to create an ISO image that is as current as the time the kickstart program was run.

    In otherwords, Our DD ISO image will not require months of updates (your last dvd.iso file dates May 2014. After installing it, I expect around 1000 updates. With my ISO image created from the Chapeau ks file, I can expect fewer than one screenful of updates.


    Hi Les,

    Yes this is something that is planned for some time in the 21 release cycle.
    Remember when I said that not all the components of Chapeau are packaged and some are written in at build-time?

    Only a few of these are left but when all of these customizations are packaged I will release a build kit with instructions on how to build Chapeau yourself.

    Hope that helps and thanks for your suggestions.


    Leslie (Les) Satenstein

    Hi Vince

    I did have some problems with conflicts between Chapeau and Fedora20. It was pertaining to graphics images that Fedora update wanted to install, but which were already present with your version.

    I very much liked the fact that you published the kickstart file. I downloaded it, and used it to create the dvd image. That image was up-to-date as of the time I ran the kickstart to DVD creation. The second computer onto which I installed Chapeau was created using that image DVD. And there were no updates after reboot.

    A net install would do the same, but don’t want to waste download bandwidth

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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