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    Ricardo Consolo


    Since Chapeau Linux is based on Fedora, I believe all packages written for Fedora should work on Chapeau.

    The setup check of Intel Graphics Update does not recognize Chapeau as a supported distribution as listed bellow:

    Checking if Intel graphics card available…
    • checking for i915 module in /sys/module
    • i915 module found
    Checking if Intel graphics card available… OK
    Retrieving information from…
    • fetching
    • saving to /home/ricardo/.ilg-config
    • fetched 1626 bytes
    • fetched 9818 bytes
    • fetched 11074 bytes
    • looking up [Chapeau Cancellara] configuration
    Retrieving information from… OK
    Checking distribution… Failed

    Some workarounds suggest to change the distro name but I find it not a good thing.

    Any ideas?

    Thanks and keep up the good job on Chapeau!



    Hi Ricardo,

    Yes Chapeau is basically a rebranded Fedora so Fedora packages will work on Chapeau. However what you have posted does not seem to be output from a package installation. What are you actually running here?



    Ricardo Consolo



    That is a issue with the tool.
    Chapeau 24 (and Fedora 24) already has the Mesa Intel graphics driver 2.99.917 which is the same version that is shown as the latest download on the Intel website so I don’t see the need to install that.

    That said if you look at the config file the tool is fetching at, all the tool is referencing from the file is a URL to the rpm package that configures the Intel driver repo. Therefore instead of using the tool one could run in a terminal…

    This would setup the Intel driver repository for Fedora 24 by installing the rpm referenced in Intel’s config file and then do a dnf update to pull in any newer versions of the driver packages.



    Ricardo Consolo

    Right. Thanks.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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