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    DougTheGuitarGuy .

    I ran the Hardware Helper and chose the Nvidia Proprietary Driver which installed and asked to reboot. When I rebooted I get the white progress bar across the bottom of the screen and the system hangs at [OK] Started Level 2 Tunnel Protocol Daemon (L2TP2)

    Stopping the system to reboot hangs at [OK] Stopped D-Bus System Message Bus

    It has 3 previous kernel levels I can choose at the boot screen but they all do the same thing, the recovery is the only one that will boot.

    I can get to a recovery desktop and checked the hardware helper and it shows it using the Nouveau driver. How can I go back to the Noveau driver and recover my current install of 24? I had another SSD with 23 on it that I am using to post this and I can get to my other drive that has 24 on it to recover files but would really like to just go back to where it was before the failed attempt to install the Nvidia driver.



    Your system is not dead, sounds like it’s booting just fine but the Nvidia proprietary driver has failed to compile after the install and so your graphical environment isn’t loading. This can unfortunately happen on kernel modules managed with akmod such as the Nvidia driver package from RPMFusion (the package hht is installing for you along with its dependencies).

    You can just switch to a console and uninstall and/or reinstall it and try agin.

    To switch to one of the consoles available on tty2 through to tty6 simply use the key combinations [Ctrl]+[Alt]+[F2] through to [Ctrl]+[Alt]+[F6]. This is common across most Linux systems. [Ctrl]+[Alt]+[F1] takes you back to your default “graphical” tty.

    Once you’re logged in to a console and assuming you have a working internet connection, just run the following to reinstall the proprietory Nvidia graphics driver;
    sudo dnf reinstall chapeau-nvidia-current




    DougTheGuitarGuy .

    Thanks Vince, but no luck. It hangs at [OK] Started Network Manager Script Dispatcher Service and if I leave it, it cycles between that and [OK] Started dnf makecache. ON shutdown it hangs at [OK] Stopped D-Bus System Message Bus.

    I did follow your instructions to get to the console and ran this command to recover my old desktop with (I assume) the Nouveau driver: yum remove xorg-x11-drv-nvidia* nvidia-settings nvidia-xconfig



    Well yum is no longer a thing on Chapeau & Fedora. Running the yum command invokes the yum plugin for dnf.
    That aside try;

    dnf remove chapeau-nvidia-current akmod-nvidia

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