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    Mr Leslie

    Hi Vince.

    I think Wayland will not make it as a default until F26. However, parts of it are looking good.

    My frustration with Wayland is with invoking Gparted from the Gnome terminal.

    From the terminal try
    sudo gparted /dev/sdb

    It will work in x11 gnome interface, but not with wayland

    So, F26 full Wayland beta may be here for Christmas


    Mr Leslie

    Hi Vince.
    I have F24 (Russan Remix) and some others. The F24 Remix or other (with manual add-ons) is not on a par with Chapeau 23.

    On all of them, I experienced the following:
    My UPS is not recognized with F24. My UPS stats are fine with Chapeau/F23
    (There is a confirmed bugzilla report that duplicated my finding).

    With F23, If I added a disk partition, I could just do
    vi /etc/fstab
    and add the UUID= line
    and when I rebooted, linux would create the mount point and my system would boot.

    Not so with F24. I have to add the mount point to the existing system, before rebooting.
    F23 does it right, F24 does it wrong.
    The Russian live CD is in Russian, but I found the click to switch to English. Some software is not available in English, and disappears from view. One or two that are there may make an interesting addition to Chapeau 24.

    Hope to hear from you soon.
    I have an mp4 video that plays just fine with Chapeau. Only sound is available with F24.
    I am also not using or intending to use Wayland until F26, or F30, when it becomes a reliable product.

    Regards from Montreal.



    Hi Lesley,

    Yes Chapeau 24 is indeed planned to bring the project up to date with Fedora 24 and announcements will be made soon. Progress has been slower than the last couple of releases as I have been very busy with family, work & training commitments the past couple of months and I am moving house in a few weeks. Therefore Chapeau 24 is indeed being worked on but the final release may not be as timely as Chapeau 23 which was the best, most successful release yet.

    On mounting without mount points, nope I’ve never seen any Unix or Linux system that automatically makes a mount point for you, it just doesn’t happen. Here’s a demonstration on Chapeau 23 showing that you need a pre-existing mount point before attempting to mount a device or share;

    All the best Les and keep you eyes peeled for updates on the news feed.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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