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    Jean-Marc Liger

    Chapeau Linux is one distribution I was looking for a long time !

    It only lacks some packages to be perfect for me :
    – Multimedia packages from Negativo17
    – Gnome dash to dock extension from my COPR repo

    Is there some interest to add these packages to Chapeau ?




    Hi JM,

    There aren’t any plans to expand the amount of out-of-the-box repos configured in Chapeau, on the contrary back in Chapeau 20 there was a bunch of ootb repos but inevitably it was learned that this was a bad idea. Now Chapeau sticks to its own dedicated Chapeau repo, established third-party repos from RPMFusion & Oracle Virtualbox and of course the upstream Fedora repos.

    On the bundled multimedia packages, Chapeau already has libbluray & libdvdcss pre-installed but does not have Negativo17’s Handbrake package. Not that there’s an issue with Negativo17 specifically, he has some other packages already in the RPMFusion repo including the Steam package (that comes with Chapeau), Spotify and others but until Handbrake makes it onto RPMFusion it won’t be possible to have it pre-installed.
    On the bright side it’s really easy to install handbrake from Negativo16’s repo, as detailed on his website simply run the following in a terminal to install Handbrake;

    Likewise, the installation and updating of Gnome extensions is made really simple for all Gnome users by going to Gnome’s extension repository at in your web browser, but as I’ve touched on in other threads in this forum one of the core deliverables of Chapeau is to keep Gnome’s workflow very close to upstream so there won’t be much bundling of Gnome extensions that alters Gnome’s appearance or workflow in the forseeable future (I should really update the FAQ with this:)).

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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