Forum logins & registrations!

A colleague kindly pointed out that there was no visible method of logging in or creating an account on the forums.
I hadn’t noticed and I’ve been receiving notifications of account creations so assumed all was OK. How embarrasing!

This is now fixed, the forums now have login & registration links over on the right sidebar.





2 Responses to “Forum logins & registrations!

  • I have some problems with Chapeau where the build mixed 386 software with x86_64 software. Now updates are being rejected unless I do
    yum update –skip –exclude NetWormManager*

  • Hi,

    Installing 32 bit software on 64 bit operating systems is a pretty standard affair.
    The only 32 bit software included with Chapeau that immediately comes to mind is Steam, this is because it is proprietary software that has not been made available in a 64bit build by the developer Valve.
    Are you sure your problem wasn’t a temporary issue with the Fedora repo? None of my systems running Chapeau have had any issues with NetworkManager updates.

    All the best.