Chapeau has now dropped the Korora software repository

Good Morning,

An update to the chapeau-repos package has been pushed out this weekend that disables the ‘korora’ software repository on Chapeau going forward. This repository will not be used in future releases of Chapeau.

The repository was used solely for bringing in updates to the driver helper tool Pharlap and its dependencies but during the Chapeau 22 lifecycle the Pharlap and lens packages started to depend on other core packages from the Korora project, causing package conflict issues with core Fedora packages used by Chapeau.

If you are finding that automated package updates are showing as failing or you are seeing warnings concerning broken dependencies when updating with dnf on the command line your action to take is to open a terminal and run the following;

sudo dnf -y update --disablerepo=korora

This will pull in all available package updates whilst ignoring any available from the korora repository. The updated chapeau-repos package will disable the korora repo.

Please feel free to hit us up with your feedback and opinion on the Chapeau forums.


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