Chapeau 24: What’s been happening and what to expect.

Chapeau 24 is on it’s way and unlike previous releases of Chapeau, this release has taken a long time after the latest release of Fedora 24 to surface and I’m guessing some users may be curious as to why.

As explained on the site FAQ page Chapeau is (currently at least) a one man show and the lateness of the forthcoming release of Chapeau 24 is really due to a brief hiatus I had to take from the Chapeau project (apart from the odd bug fix package update). With multiple training courses to attend, family commitments, the loss of a family member, moving house and subsequent ISP issues all in space of a few months something had to give.
Thankfully things have now settled at Chapeau Towers and Chapeau 24 (Cancellara), based on Fedora 24 is steadily taking shape for a belated release and a beta release can be expected in the next week or so.

What’s new?

Well, not that much! Chapeau has been getting more stable with every release and simply Chapeau is reaching a point where major differences in design, package selection or choice of repositories between major releases is not needed quite so much. I see this as a good thing.
Chapeau 24 does bring in Transmission as the default torrent client, Wayland is no longer explicitly disabled in GDM’s config and of course an update to the boot theme and default backgrounds.

Chapeau releases are codenamed after legendary cyclists and Chapeau 24 is named in honour of Fabian Cancellara who announced his retirement from the pro peloton this year, one of my favorite racers to watch and the spring classics won’t be the same without our ‘Spartacus‘.

The Chapeau 24 Features page is now published for more info.

When can we upgrade to Chapeau 24?

The Chapeau software repository for Chapeau 24 is now live so I will tentatively say now! If you want to jump in I should remind all that the ‘fedup’ upgrade tool is no longer used as system upgrades are now done with dnf as explained on the Fedora Wiki at
The more cautious of you may want to wait until the final release is out but I have successfully tested a couple upgrades already. Expect the Chapeau upgrade guide to be published once more testing has been completed.



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