Chapeau 24 is out now!

I am very pleased to announce the general availability of Chapeau 24, you can download the iso file or update your Chapeau system to this latest release right now!



Main Features

Download from Sourceforge

You can grab this release and all previous releases from Sourceforge

Download Chapeau

Changes since Chapeau 23

Compared to Chapeau 23 the following custom features have changed in Chapeau 24.

  • Transmission is bundled as the default torrent client
  • nmap now included by default
  • Includes 5 more lightweight games: Chess, Mines, Reversi, Neverball & Neverputt.
  • Moving on from 23, Wayland is no longer explicitly disabled in GDM’s config
  • More Chapeau wallpapers

For the upstream changeset documentation for Fedora 24 see the Fedora 24 Changeset.
For advanced system configuration and administration documentation see the Fedora 24 System Administrator’s Guide.

Known Issues

  • The nouveau driver bundled with Fedora kernel 4.7.2 currently doesn’t work with Nvidia GTX 970 GPUs due to a bug introduced in Linux kernel 4.6. This bug affects Chapeau 24 as it does Fedora 24 Workstation.
    If your system uses an Nvidia GTX 970 graphics processor the live image should be booted with ‘basic graphics mode’ (Choose [Troubleshooting] > [Run in basic graphics mode] at the boot menu). After installing Chapeau from a ‘basic graphics mode’ live session, the new installation will also boot into basic graphics mode.
    Once booted into this new installation install the proprietary Nvidia graphics to enable full support for your GTX 970 by running the following in a terminal;

    sudo dnf -y install chapeau-nvidia-current

Enjoy Chapeau 24!

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