Chapeau 24 Beta now available

Today a pre-release version of Chapeau 24 has been made available for download.
If you’ve been eagerly waiting for the latest Chapeau release based on Fedora 24 now’s your time. If you don’t want to deal with any of the known issues listed below you may want to stick with Chapeau 23 for now.


Known Issues

The current list of known issues are as follows (this list may change as issues are reported or fixed);

  • The nouveau driver bundled with Fedora kernel 4.7.2 currently doesn’t work with Nvidia GTX 970 GPUs due to a bug introduced in Linux kernel 4.6.
    If you have a GTX970 you will have to boot the live image in ‘basic graphics mode’.
  • Not all shortcuts are showing their Moka icons on the home screen


Download Chapeau 24 Beta from

Download Chapeau



MD5 : 2537c4c5ac7bbb829306ff3d0fdf722a

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