Chapeau 23 is here!

Chapeau 23 “Armstrong” is now available for download, head on over to the download page to get your copy now.

Chapeau 23 with Gnome 3.18

Main features

New features in Chapeau 23

  • We have a new Hardware Helper Tool (hht). Inspect your hardware and manage your Nvidia drivers with ease, even with Nvidia Optimus!.
  • The Korora repository has been removed.
  • The default display server remains to be X in Chapeau 23, unlike Fedora 23 Workstation Wayland is disabled by default.
  • More wallpapers!
  • Gnome 3.18 now has Google Drive integration

Other noteworthy changes inherited from Fedora 23 are;

  • Python 3 is now the default implementaion

For a more detailed feature list read the Chapeau 23 features page.
For the upstream Fedora changeset head on over to


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