Chapeau 23 Beta is here


Chapeau 23 is on it’s way, in the meantime enjoy Chapeau 23 Beta!

This build is a feature-complete release of the next major version of Chapeau built from Fedora Workstation 23, packages from the RPMFusion’s pre-release testing repos and packages from Chapeau’s 23 repo.
If you love having the latest software and don’t mind the odd issue that may crop up go ahead and check it out.
If you find an undocumented issue it would be appreciated if you report it either in the the support forum or if you can figure if a particular Chapeau package is to blame for an issue then you can also log & track issues on Github.

Get Chapeau 23 Beta

(did you know a newer Chapeau 23 Beta 2 is out now?)

Chapeau 23 feature list
MD5: d5a1fc1b27f712520f69e5b94e5d2e4d

Known issues

  • The fc23 RPMFusion package repositories are not yet finished, therefore the RPMFusion packages included in this build of Chapeau are from RPMFusion’s testing repositories and some RPMFusion packages are not yet available for installation (Nvidia driver packages are now available).
    Once this Chapeau release is installed the package manager will bring in the final fc23 release packages as they become available.
  • The powertop package included in this build of Chapeau automatically enables power-saving modes on all devices.
    On some systems this may cause problems such as USB devices powering off automatically including input devices such as keyboards & mice. Uninstall the powertop package if you experience such problems. (link)
  • gnome-shell: After installation, if your system has an Nvidia GPU you may run into this gnome-shell bug where after logging in at the GDM login screen, Gnome takes a long time to start.
    You can bypass the wait by switching to another tty with [Ctrl]+[Alt]+[F2]. A fix is available by installing the latest gnome-shell package from the ‘updates-testing‘ repository by running in a terminal;

    sudo dnf --enablerepo=updates-testing update gnome-shell
  • Known, upstream bugs for Fedora 23 are listed on the Fedora Wiki at


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