Chapeau 22 pre-release build available now

Chapeau 22 is almost here. Until then you can download a pre-release build right now.



So it’s that time, the Fedora project is about to release Fedora 22 and the third-party repository teams are readying themselves for the big release. In the meantime Chapeau 22 has been quietly taking shape since March and the first pre-release build ready for the public is now available for download.

This build is a feature-complete, pre-release look at the next major version of Chapeau. Whilst it is now feature-complete some of features may change before the final release and expect some issues.
Chapeau 22 RC is built with packages from the Fedora 22 repos, RPMFusion free & nonfree fc22 development repos, Korora 21 repo for Pharlap, Adobe’s & Playonlinux’s standard repos and of course Chapeau’s own 22 repo.

Known issues

  • The graphical package management tool Gnome Software shows no software & empty categories when launched after a fresh install without updating first.
    Update your system with dnf or use the Yum Extender – DNF (yumex-dnf) application after youv’e installed it (requires an active internet connection).

    sudo dnf update
  • The graphical package management tool Yumex is preinstalled instead of the new Yumex version specific for the DNF package manager, remove the installed version and replace it with ‘yumex-dnf‘ (requires an active internet connection).
    sudo dnf remove yumex
    sudo dnf install yumex-dnf
  • The driver helper tool Pharlap does not work out of the box as it is specifically searching for fc21 driver packages instead of fc22. This can be fixed by regenerating Pharlap’s modalias map file after you’ve installed Chapeau. To regenerate the map file perform the following in a terminal (requires an active internet connection).
    sudo /usr/share/pharlap/pharlap-modalias-generator
    sudo mv /tmp/ /usr/share/pharlap/
  • The Korora repo for release 22 (used for pulling Pharlap updates) is not yet available, DNF will display a warning about this if installing or updating packages in the terminal.
  • An invalid repo file ‘dropbox.repo’ resides in /etc/yum.repos.d, it is not needed and will not cause any issues with dnf.
    If you want to remove it, delete it as follows;

    sudo rm -f /etc/yum.repos.d/dropbox.repo

Get Chapeau 22 RC

If you want to start using Chapeau 22 and you are comfortable with using pre-release, potentially buggy software then give it go.
Please report any new issues in the Support forum.

Download Chapeau
Chapeau 22 feature list
Chapeau 22 screenshots
MD5 : 7525a6227784b186ed30272197cbd55a

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