Chapeau 22 is here!

Chapeau 22 “Indurain” is now available for download, head on over to the download page to get your copy now.

Chapeau 22

The main features are;

New features in Chapeau 22

  • The default icon set has been changed to the Moka & Faba sets from the Moka Project.
  • Openshot has returned to replace Pitivi as the default video editor.
  • The following desktop applications have been added to the default set;
    • Gnome Calendar
    • Gnome Books
    • Gnome Power Manager
    • Gnome Photos
    • systemadm
  • The default display server remains to be X in Chapeau 22, unlike Fedora 22 Workstation Wayland is disabled by default.
  • More wallpapers!

Noteworthy changes inherited from Fedora 22 are;

  • DNF has superceded Yum as the distribution’s update manager

For a more detailed feature list read the Chapeau 22 features page.
For the upstream Fedora changeset head on over to

Known Issues

Chapeau includes access to software repositories from other projects. At the time of release the Korora 22 rpm repository used for pulling updates of the Pharlap application is not yet available.
Because of this, if using dnf on the command-line you will notice a warning for this repository until it becomes available.

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