Chapeau 21 is coming…

The next release of Chapeau is almost upon us! The same base features of Chapeau but now built from Fedora 21 Workstation.

If you’re feeling adventurous you can download the pre-release image of Chapeau 21 right now.
The full feature list, current issues and download link can be found over on the Chapeau 21 Features page.

“B-but what if I’m already running Chapeau 20?”

You can upgrade your running Chapeau 20 to 21 right now! Head on over to the Chapeau 21 upgrade instructions for more info.


One Response to “Chapeau 21 is coming…

  • Hi Vince
    There is a Fedora21 Anaconda bug that can make your Remix appear to fail. It has been registered and is supposed to be corrected for Fedora22. That bug is as as follows. If an external (example, USB terrabyte backup disk) is actively plugged in at time of installation, there can be a response time delay of up to one hour. A scan of the external drive is being performed to search for partitions.
    The solution. Unplug the external drive before booting the install media for Chapeau.

    One other thing that comes to mind. I added Chromium to Chapeau, and that has made a world of difference in internet access response time. Firefox is slooowww and is a heavy sluggish java piece of code. (Functionally correct, of course).