Chapeau 21.2.1 released, fixes live session bug

Good day!

Today I am pleased to announce another Chapeau ISO release, Chapeau 21.2.1.
This ISO brings the current Chapeau live image up to date with packages as of 10th April 2015 and fixes a bug present on the other Chapeau 21 live images that can cause a live session to freeze.

Bug fix details

The issue is caused by the background software-update service which is able to automatically download packages when running a live session from a DVD or USB stick with an active internet connection enabled. This service can silently download updates and fill up the copy-on-write RAM disk that the live system is running on which can eventually freeze the live session after the copy-on-write filesystem fills up, this issue can therefore also happen when performing an installation with Anaconda in a live session with an enabled, working internet connection.

The freezing is reproduceable by booting up an older live image that has a lot of updates available from the repos on a system with a smaller amount of RAM, enabling a connection to the internet and leaving it idle for a while.

Enjoy Chapeau 21.2.1!


2 Responses to “Chapeau 21.2.1 released, fixes live session bug

  • Hi Vince
    The freeze that occurred with the previous release was an anaconda bug. That bug started the second the live cd was loaded. It was exacerbated if an external backup drive was plugged into the USB port. Anaconda was doing a scan of every hard disk on the system.

    Your new version will include a corrected anaconda, and of course updates since December.

    I thought you might like to know that Chapeau Remix has been working flawleesly since December 2014.

    I am glad to be a very satisfied user. I am also testing Fedora22 Beta rc1 and it needs some tender loving care. The beta is a dumbing down yet again of Fedora21 desktop version.

    Keep up the distributions, The two (desktop and laptop) that I use daily are A-OK.

    • Hi Les,

      I haven’t come across that Anaconda bug tbh and I do test installations to USB attached hard disks as part of Chapeau’s testing.
      The bug detailed in the announcement was caused by the gnome-software and packagekit daemons not being correctly disabled for the ‘liveuser’ user in the main kickstart file for Chapeau’s live image, the symptoms of which could occur whether running Anaconda or not.

      Good to hear you’re happy with Chapeau, Chapeau 22 is well on track for a timely release after the Fedora 22 release, and the build-kit for Chapeau 22 is available on Github.
      The main features and desktop tweaks will will be the same, the main differences will be the cosmetic changes inherited from Gnome 3.16 and the default icons and mouse pointers will be different compared to previous Chapeau releases. Also Gnome’s new Books & Calendar applications will be included in the build.