Chapeau 21.1 interim release

Just three weeks after the release of Chapeau 21 comes the first Chapeau 21 interim release.
This release brings the default Chapeau image upto date with all package updates upto 5th February 2015.

I decided to push out this first interim release early so that the current issues with the Livna repo does not affect new installs.

Head on over to the download page to get your copy of Chapeau 21.1!

2 Responses to “Chapeau 21.1 interim release

  • Hi Vince
    In 3 days (March 10th the Alpha-rc1 for Fedora22 will be released. Are you planning an alpha for Chapeau? If you need help in testing an Chapeau alpha, let me know.

    In your Feb 6 blog re 21.1, you did not mention if a 21.0 user needs to reinstall, or remove/add some repositories.

    So far, things are still impressive.

    Can you please readjust the blog settings. I can hardly read my own typing. trying with bold tags

  • Hi Les,

    Took a while for me to notice your comment, posting in the forums with get noticed quicker.

    I do currently have a build of Chapeau 22 which is not fit for consumption yet that currently uses Fedora’s 22 repos, RPMFusion’s Rawhide repos, and Virtualbox’s & Korora’s 21 repos, this does currently cause some undesirable effects as you can imagine.
    This build is currently being used to build and test the validity of Chapeau’s packages for Chapeau 22 which are currently available on Chapeau’s in-progress repo for v22.

    You can see what packages are currently available on Chapeau’s ’22’ repo with yum by running the following in your Chapeau installation;

    yum --releasever=22 --disablerepo="*" --enablerepo="chapeau" list available

    With a remix such as Chapeau that relies on various repositories other than Fedora’s that are outside of our control, it’s not possible to release a fully finished release until all the software repositories are somewhat in alignment with one another. RPMFusion is the most important behind Fedora’s that needs to be available before a proper 22 release can be viable. Other remixes that do the same with such 3rd party repos are kind of in the same in the same boat on this one.
    Once the repos are available, the first Chapeau builds will be released with the usual announcements.

    The new build-kit for building the 22 image will be up on Sourceforge soon if you’re feeling adventurous enough to have a go at building your own live image. As explained above, as no 22 repos are available from RPMFusion or Korora yet you’d have to get by with RPMFusion’s rawhide packages & Korora’s fc21 development packages to complete the build.
    Alternatively as the most important Chapeau packages are currently available on Chapeau’s repo, if you liek you can upgrade a current 21 to 22 now if you switch RPMFusion to rawhide first and do some fiddling with repo config. I’d recommend to just hang on until RPMFusion get their 22 repo online which is usually just a couple of weeks before Fedora’s final release date but if you’re interested I can assist on how to do an upgrade if you like, start a related thread in the forums and we’ll bash it out.

    On the Feb 6th blog post, there is no explanation required for existing users as it was an interim release announcement, this just means that a newer downloadable ISO image is available with the latest packages.
    The Feb 4th post explains the issue with the death of the Livna repository and how do deal with it on existing Chapeau installations.

    On the website themes, this is always a work in progress, I’ll check it out…

    As always, best wishes.