Chapeau 20.2 interim release – [UPDATE]

The latest interim release of Chapeau is now available.

Chapeau 20.2 brings the available ISO image up to date with the latest packages so that you don’t have to install a ton of updates after a fresh install.
Apart from this the main difference is that the Plymouth graphical boot theme is now enabled by default.

To get a copy of Chapeau 20.2 head over to the download page.

20/5/2014 UPDATE – Build problems with the 20.2 release found their way through to public release, causing the latest packages from Fedora’s update repository not to be included and the kernel-debug package to be the default kernel. It is for this reason that Chapeau 20.2 has been pulled as the default download and it is not recommended to download this release for general use. An updated release of Chapeau will be publicly available in the next few days. Apologies for any inconvenience caused.

Enabling the graphical boot theme on earlier releases

If you are currently running Chapeau 20.1 without Plymouth or without the graphical boot enabled and would like to enable it, open a terminal and perform the following steps;

Update any Chapeau packages;

Ensure the graphical boot kernel parameter is being called by grub, you can check this by doing the following and see if anything shows up;

If nothing is returned, insert & enable the rhgb kernel parameter in your Grub config by doing the following;

Finally set the default Plymouth theme to ‘chapeau’ by running;


Thanks for your interest and enjoy Chapeau 20.2!


4 Responses to “Chapeau 20.2 interim release – [UPDATE]

  • Where is the interrim release that was announced for April 28th?
    There is a 20.1 release but the website proposes a 20.2 version.

    • Hi Les,

      Yes well since you informed me of the debug kernel issue with the Chapeau 20.2 release I have pulled the release from being the default download and the default kernel issue turned out to be not the only problem with that particular release.
      Anyhow, I’ve beavered away on the next, and likely the last 20.x release which will be publicly available very soon. After this I will be starting work on Chapeau 21.
      As the new release will mainly be a what 20.2 should have been it will be release 20.2.1


      • Hi Chapeau.
        I come for some help. I am trying to do
        sudo yum install php fails with a conflict between your logos and those of Fedora 20’s.

        My yum error message

        Transaction check error:
        file /usr/share/pixmaps/poweredby.png from install of fedora-logos-httpd-21.0.1-1.fc20.noarch conflicts with file from package chapeau-logos-1.2.0-1.fc20.noarch

        I’ve tried to replace your logos with the Fedora ones, to no avail. Any ideas about how to do it would be appreciated.


        • Hi Les,

          I’m looking into this and I’m about to test a new version of the chapeau-logos package to fix this.
          Soon as I’m happy it works I’ll update the repo. Again thanks for your bug reports.