Chapeau 20.2.1 interim release

The latest interim release of Chapeau is now available.

Chapeau 20.2.1 brings the available ISO image up to date with the latest packages so that you don’t have to install a ton of updates after a fresh install.
The previous release 20.2 unfortunately did not despite intention.

Therefore Chapeau 20.2.1 is mainly a maintenance release that addresses the following built-time issues with the Chapeau 20.2 image;

  • Up to date package updates are now actually included in the latest release, they were missed out of 20.2 requiring the user to install 1GB of package updates post-install.
  • After install, Chapeau 20.2 loaded the debug kernel by default (see how to resolve this here).

Since 20.1 the following features are included in 20.2.1;

  • Chapeau plymouth boot theme enabled by default
  • Chapeau branded launch page is the default home page in Firefox

Unless any deal-breaker bugs are reported, this is likely to be the last interim release of Chapeau 20 to allow preparations for Chapeau 21 to begin.


Thanks for your interest and enjoy Chapeau 20.2.1!


5 Responses to “Chapeau 20.2.1 interim release

  • Glad to read about the update. Please try to post what was improved or serious enough to receive corrections. We don’t require all the details.

    By the way, running it now. Its Fedora with some features from other distributions.
    I will download the current version in order to see if I can reinstall it with some of the more recent Fedora updates to anaconda and to other packages.

  • Hi,

    The post details what has been corrected.
    Also there’s no reason to reinstall if you have Chapeau already installed. The improvements are mainly for live sessions and new installs.

    For updates, just update your current install.
    If you’ve installed 20.2 and want to remove the debug kernel you Just need to uninstall the kernel-debug package.

    Hope that helps and thanks for your feedback.


  • Bonjour M. Chapeau

    I just installed a “new” SSD on my system and want to reinstall Chapeau 20 DVD image thereon . I have 20.2.1 from May20 on that flash drive. Do I abandon it?

    If I understand you correctly, I should revert to the preceding version. (20.2.1_x86-64.iso) The preceding version is not what SourceForge is presenting. when I click the download request.

    • Hi Les,

      The latest and most complete build of the live Chapeau image is 20.2.1. You should use this for any new installs.

      All the best,


  • I am very glad to read about your remix of Fedora in the LInux Magazine. I think that if your remix can be made with the Fedora21 release, that would be great.

    My experience with Fedora21 is mixed. I am testing the alpha version and thats left me with some mixed feelings. I for one would recommend that you also maintain your Fedora 20 respin. Chapeau 20.2 is very rock solid.