Chapeau 20.1 interim release


The first interim release of Chapeau has been released and will be downloadable as soon as the Sourceforge mirrors are updated.

Chapeau 20.1 includes some package updates that have been released since Fedora 20’s general release on December 17th, also some build-time bug fixes mainly centred around the yum repositories have been fixed.

The libdvdcss package is now pulled in from Livna, this is the only package actually hosted by Livna as RPMFusion does not host it, also a dedicated Chapeau repository now exists at which is now setup in Chapeau 20.1.
If you are running the first alpha release Chapeau 20, all you need to do to add the Chapeau repository is add the chapeau.repo file to your /etc/yum.repos.d directory.

The default locale on the live image is now US instead of UK. That was a bit of selfishness on my part being as I am from the UK but after seeing the download statistics it is clear that the main user base is US. I still have a UK build build for my own USB drive though :).

Thanks for your interest and enjoy Chapeau 20.1


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