Challenged: Need For Speed World installation

Well hi to all, especially the LinuxGameCast guys who gave Chapeau a mention on LinuxGameCast Episode 76 after I sent them a hail.

Pedro, LGC’s resident member of the Fedora-based gaming master race, is under the impression that running a 64bit OS can be more troublesome, especially when running 32bit games in Wine. Yes it used to be the case just a few years ago that running 32bit proprietary software on a 64bit distro would commonly run into library issues and wotnot but I haven’t experienced any unsolvable issues for a long time. Running 64bit Linux is a pretty standard affair nowadays and this is one of the justifications I have with releasing Chapeau as a 64bit only distro, there is little need to stick with a 32bit distro now unless you’re running 32bit hardware.
Also using PlayOnLinux it’s easy to install/run Windows software under a choice of 32bit or 64bit Wine, a choice you do not have on a 32bit distro.

So Pedro dropped me a challenge, Install Need For Speed World on Chapeau as it is apparently a tough one to get going in Wine on 64bit Linux. I gave it a go using PlayOnLinux and it worked just fine.
There were issues specific to the game launcher, it kept bombing out when downloading game data but this seems to be a common problem on Windows aswell.

Anyway here is a walkthrough for installing Need For Speed World using PlayOnLinux on Chapeau, Enjoy.

Need For Speed World installation using PlayOnLinux

Firstly you need an Origin account to login to the Need For Speed World website and download the Windows executable.

Next Open PlayOnLinux and select the install button.

Select [Games] & the [No CD required] option, select Need For Speed World and the [Install] button.

The PlayOnLinux install Wizard begins, hit [Next].

A prompt to download the Windows executable from the Need For Speed World website, having done this hit [Next].

PlayOnLinux continues to download and installĀ  the required version of Wine and .NET framework for Need For Speed World.
nsfwinstall5 nsfwinstall6

When prompted, find and select the Windows executable you downloaded earlier.
Once selected you’re instructed to uncheck the Launch option when the install has finished, this is important.
Remembering this hit [Next] and the setup shall begin;
nsfwinstall7 nsfwinstall8

Run through the Need For Speed World setup;

nfswinstall10 nsfwinstall11
nsfwinstall12 nsfwinstall13
nsfwinstall14 nsfwinstall15

Yawn, don’t you love installing Windows software…

nsfwinstall16 nsfwinstall17

Now untick the tick boxes and select the [Finish] button;

Next the PlayOnLinux script will take over and finish setting up any remaining dependencies.
Select the appropriate language for IE when prompted, then [Next].

PoL will continue to download & install Internet Exploder in Need For Speed World’s “virtual drive”.


When prompted, unselect any of IE’s prompts to participate in feedback, accept the license T’s & C’s and choose not to install IE updates as they’re not needed;
nsfwinstall21 nfswinstall22

When prompted do not select to restart, PoL will emulate a reboot when the install is done.
Just select [Restart Later].

PoL now takes over the final bit.
Take note of the last bit of information, Need For Speed World’s launcher does the downloading of the game content AND IT SUCKS.
It stops and errors A LOT before you’ve finally downloaded the 2GB or so of data required to run the game.
Each time it errors you have to quit the launcher, restart it and log in to continue the download.
nsfwinstall26 nsfwinstall27

To launch the game, select it in PlayOnLinux and hit [Run].

The Need For Speed World launcher will start up where you can log in with your Origin account credentials.
Once logged it will download the game assets (eventually);

Once downloaded hit the [PLAY] button;


I had some little issues with setting the correct screen size, by default Gnome didn’t like low resolution overlay and messed up the compositing a bit and I had to ‘move’ the larger-than-the-screen desktop around to center the game on my screen. You might not get this. A couple of ways around this would be to either force the game into a virtual desktop or just manually setting the game’s resolution in it’s usersettings.xml file.

Forcing a virtual desktop

In PlayOnLinux, select Need For Speed World and select the [Configure] button.
Once in the configuration windows, select the [Wine] tab.

Select the [Configure Wine] button which will launch wineconf for this Wine instance.
Select the [Graphics] tab.
Select [Emulate a virtual desktop] and enter your native screen resolution.

Click OK and launch the game.
Now the game will force a smaller desktop in a window without messing up your desktop.
Set your correct screen size in the game.

Editing Need For Speed World’s UserSettings.xml file

Assuming you have installed and run the game for the first time, you will be able to open your UserSettings.xml file and edit the screen resolution manually.

Open a terminal and run;

gedit ~/.PlayOnLinux/wineprefix/NeedForSpeedWorld/drive_c/users/$(whoami)/Application\ Data/UserSettings.xml

In gedit find the <VideoConfig> section and edit the numeric values of the <screenheight> & <screenwidth> resolution settings below

         <audiomode Type="int">1</audiomode>
         <audioquality Type="int">0</audioquality>
         <brightness Type="int">52</brightness>
         <enableaero Type="int">0</enableaero>
         <firsttime Type="int">0</firsttime>
         <forcesm1x Type="bool">false</forcesm1x>
         <performancelevel Type="int">2</performancelevel>
         <pixelaspectratiooverride Type="float">0</pixelaspectratiooverride>
         <screenheight Type="int">1080</screenheight>
         <screenleft Type="int">2147483200</screenleft>
         <screenrefresh Type="int">60</screenrefresh>
         <screentop Type="int">2147483492</screentop>
         <screenwidth Type="int">1920</screenwidth>
         <screenwindowed Type="int">0</screenwindowed>
         <size Type="int">0</size>
         <version Type="int">65545</version>
         <vsyncon Type="int">1</vsyncon>

Save the changes and start the game.


One Response to “Challenged: Need For Speed World installation

  • I think that the 64bit versions of games, will be faster in execution than will be the 32bit versions, if and only if there is a lot of integer arithmetic, such as multiplication, table lookup, and pointer arithmetic.

    If most of the game is assigned to managing strings, and awaiting keyboard input, then it would tip in favour of 64bit as well. 64bit linux systems run 32bit code as efficiently as 32 bit systems do it on their own. I say this only if you install 32 bit linux and your game on your system, take measurements, and theh scrub and redo the installation with 64 bit linux.

    Your biggest gain may occur with using a SSD and appropriate graphics driver.