Chapeau 22 bug alert: Repo & package conflicts

Chapeau includes the very handy driver helper tool called Pharlap developed by Ian Firns for the Korora project. In order to pull in updates to Pharlap and it’s dependencies Korora’s RPM repository is configured within Chapeau. When Chapeau 22 was released, this repository was not available yet but Chapeau 22 is configured in readiness for when it goes live.

Well the Korora 22 RPM repository has come online today and it has unfortunately brought some new problems along with it.


New differences in some of Korora’s package specs have created conflicts with the upstream Fedora packages installed in Chapeau.


When updating your Chapeau 22 system, the package manager will report file conflicts between two fedora logos packages and two korora packages.
The output of which will look something like;


A updated version of the chapeau-repos package has been released for Chapeau 22 to fix the conflict, Chapeau 21 is unaffected.
As soon as possible, update the chapeau-repos package on Chapeau 22 before you next update the rest of your system.

You can do this either searching & finding the chapeau-repos package in Yumex and forcibly updating it or do it the quicker way by running the following in a terminal;

Then you can continue to update the rest of your system as you would normally, as this update is an emergency change expect another update shortly.
Also expect an updated ISO image in the near future that incorporates these updates.

Comments are open on this post if you wish to leave some feedback on this issue.

2 Responses to “Chapeau 22 bug alert: Repo & package conflicts

  • For users of dnf please include the –refresh within the dnf update command

    sudo dnf –refresh update chapeau-repos

    Justification.. dnf does not download a repository information more than twice a day.

  • Thanks, post updated.