Chapeau 21.2.1 released, fixes live session bug

Good day! Today I am pleased to announce another Chapeau ISO release, Chapeau 21.2.1. This ISO brings the current Chapeau live image up to date with packages as of 10th April 2015 and fixes a bug present on the other Chapeau 21 live images that can cause a live session to freeze. Bug fix details
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Chapeau 21.2 interim release

Chapeau 21.2 interim release is available for download today. This release brings the latest Chapeau 21 image upto date with all package updates upto 4th April 2015. Head on over to the download page to get your copy of Chapeau 21.2!

Chapeau 22’s look & feel

With the next Chapeau major release approaching (currently expected to be around June depending on Fedora’s 22 release date) I’m considering changing the default icon and/or Gnome-shell & GTK themes for Chapeau’s desktop starting from Chapeau 22. Icons The icon theme being considered and tested for Chapeau is Sam Hewitt’s┬áMoka┬átheme. Moka has a great balance
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Chapeau’s getting social

Chapeau is now on Facebook and Google+ If you like what Chapeau is up to follow us & show your friends by giving us a like or a +1 or if you’re feeling particularly awesome today, both! The links to Chapeau’s Facebook page & Google+ page can be found at the bottom-right of any page
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Chapeau is now on Github!

This week, Chapeau’s change tracking has been transitioned to the Git version control system and hosting of Chapeau’s assets and package specs is now provided by Github. As of today Chapeau’s git repositories have been pushed to Github at including historic package versions and comments. This transition increases the transparency of the work that
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Chapeau 21.1 interim release

Just three weeks after the release of Chapeau 21 comes the first Chapeau 21 interim release. This release brings the default Chapeau image upto date with all package updates upto 5th February 2015. I decided to push out this first interim release early so that the current issues with the Livna repo does not affect
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News: Livna issues & repository changes

A couple of software repository related issues have cropped up this week which have been addressed with an update to Chapeau 21’s ‘chapeau-repos’ package, Chapeau 20 is only affected by the Livna issue described below. So to avoid some yum errors it is recommended to disable the Livna repository and update to the latest version
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Chapeau 21 released!

I am delighted to announce the release of Chapeau 21 “Obree”. The main features are; Gnome 3.14 desktop environment LibreOffice 4.3 PlayOnLinux & Wine Steam VLC Adobe Flash support RPMFusion software sources preconfigured Gnome Boxes Dropbox integration Media codecs & DVD playback support KVM virtualisation ready to go Pharlap (driver helper application from the Korora
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Upgrading to Chapeau 21 [Updated 5/2/2015]

Right now you are able to upgrade your running Chapeau 20 installation to the 21 release. Upgrading is not mandatory of course, Chapeau 20 updates will continue for another 6 months or so there’s no rush. To upgrade your system carefully follow the below guide. Upgrade How-to NOTE: Do ensure you have a system backup
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Chapeau 21 is coming…

The next release of Chapeau is almost upon us! The same base features of Chapeau but now built from Fedora 21 Workstation. If you’re feeling adventurous you can download the pre-release image of Chapeau 21 right now. The full feature list, current issues and download link can be found over on the Chapeau 21 Features
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