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Chapeau 23 Beta is here

Chapeau 23 is on it’s way, in the meantime enjoy Chapeau 23 Beta! This build is a feature-complete release of the next major version of Chapeau built from Fedora Workstation 23, packages from the RPMFusion’s pre-release testing repos and packages from Chapeau’s 23 repo. If you love having the latest software and don’t mind the
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Chapeau’s new Hardware Helper tool

Today I can announce a new & exclusive tool that will replace Pharlap in the next release of Chapeau. ‘Hardware Helper Tool’ or ‘hht‘ is a fast & simple graphical tool that you can use to inspect your system’s hardware information as well as manage third-party drivers. As yet the only drivers that can be
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Chapeau has now dropped the Korora software repository

Good Morning, An update to the chapeau-repos package has been pushed out this weekend that disables the ‘korora’ software repository on Chapeau going forward. This repository will not be used in future releases of Chapeau. The repository was used solely for bringing in updates to the driver helper tool Pharlap and its dependencies but during
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Chapeau 22.1 released. Brings updates, fixes repository bug

Shalom! Today I announce the latest Chapeau release, Chapeau 22.1. This ISO image brings the current Chapeau 22 live image up to date with all packages as of 13th July 2015. This release was expedited by the recent package conflict issue caused by the Korora 22 repo which has been fixed with a package update
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Chapeau 22 bug alert: Repo & package conflicts

Chapeau includes the very handy driver helper tool called Pharlap developed by Ian Firns for the Korora project. In order to pull in updates to Pharlap and it’s dependencies Korora’s RPM repository is configured within Chapeau. When Chapeau 22 was released, this repository was not available yet but Chapeau 22 is configured in readiness for
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Chapeau gets a Distrowatch page

Just over 18 months ago Chapeau made it onto Distrowatch’s waiting list page for newly submitted distributions. Today I was happy to find out that Chapeau has been added to Distrowatch’s distribution list and a dedicated page to track Chapeau has been published on which can now be found at Thanks to Jessie
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Chapeau 22 is here!

Chapeau 22 “Indurain” is now available for download, head on over to the download page to get your copy now. The main features are; Derived from Fedora 22 Workstation Gnome 3.16 desktop environment LibreOffice PlayOnLinux & Wine Steam VLC Mozilla Firefox with Adobe Flash. Pharlap (proprietory driver helper application from the Korora project) RPMFusion software
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Upgrading to Chapeau 22

Right now you are able to upgrade your system running Chapeau 21 to the new Chapeau 22! If you are still running Chapeau 20 it is recommended you first follow the procedure ‘Upgrading to Chapeau 21‘. To upgrade your system carefully follow the below guide. Upgrade How-to NOTE: Do ensure you have a system backup
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Chapeau 20 end of life

Hello all Chapeau 20 users, Prepare to upgrade as the end of life date for Chapeau 20 (Moser) is now confirmed as June 23rd 2015. After this date no new packages or updates from the Fedora or Chapeau projects will be released for Chapeau 20. Therefore it is strongly recommended to update your Chapeau 20
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Chapeau 22 pre-release build available now

Chapeau 22 is almost here. Until then you can download a pre-release build right now.   So it’s that time, the Fedora project is about to release Fedora 22 and the third-party repository teams are readying themselves for the big release. In the meantime Chapeau 22 has been quietly taking shape since March and the
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