A new distro

Welcome to the first release of Chapeau Linux, Chapeau 20
Chapeau is a remix of the popular multi-purpose GNU/Linux distribution Fedora.

Chapeau takes the work out of running Fedora as a desktop operating system by including software that the Fedora Project cannot include in the Fedora base.
From the first boot of the live image Chapeau supports rich media and integrates third-party software sources and popular plugins & applications without tainting the simplicity & elegance of the Fedora’s default Gnome desktop experience.
Chapeau also caters for advanced users and includes extra tools that makes a Chapeau live DVD or USB disk a very useful portable toolkit for repairing Linux and Windows installations.

Why call it Chapeau?
The word Chapeau is pronounced “shap-eau” and can be taken in two contexts;

  • Firstly chapeau is a French term for “hat”. In the context of Chapeau Linux the term retains the link to Fedora (a style of hat), and also to the sponsor of the Fedora community project, Red Hat.
  • Secondly chapeau! is a French expression for appreciation and respect, referring to one removing their hat in approval. The same term is also often used in the cycling fraternity. Whilst Chapeau Linux expands on the Fedora base and has a more relaxed attitude to software licenses, it is built in appreciation of the Fedora Project. It is for this reason that Chapeau’s desktop environment configuration does not deviate greatly from Fedora and retains Fedora’s design cues. Only tweaks that compliment the base design are added to Chapeau’s desktop.

Version numbers
The versioning follows the Fedora final release that Chapeau is built from so this first release is Chapeau 20 and will continue onto 21 and so forth. I’m also planning to release ad-hoc interim releases in the event a glaring Chapeau relating bug needs to be fixed or just to update the available package base as historically Fedora releases a lot of post-release updates which can make your first post-install yum update a lengthy one.

I’ve chosen to only release 64bit builds of Chapeau, the reasons for this decision are;
Chapeau is aimed at modern desktop & laptop PCs which includes Apple Macs and Steamboxes and it includes software that allows the user to take full advantage of powerful hardware.
If you have a modern PC with an AMD or Intel Core CPU there is no obvious reason to be running a 32bit operating system on it.
If you do have a 32bit PC, those with Intel Atom based CPUs for example, the kernel level virtualisation features included in Chapeau would not work well if at all. Also it may limit what software will be available to you in Steam and PlayOnLinux. In this case you’re best sticking to Fedora or check out the Korora project.

Chapeau is classed by Fedora as a ‘Fedora Remix’.
Any bugs you may find are most likely to be from the upstream projects, however if you find any problems relating to the Chapeau implementation, ie something that only effects Chapeau please pipe up on the forums.

If you feel there’s something missing from Chapeau or if you have a suggestion on the direction of the project feel free to post them on the forums.

Hope you enjoy Chapeau.

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